Stroke and Birth Injuries

Any injury to a newborn requires quick action, diagnosis, and treatment. If a fetus or newborn suffers from lack of blood supply to the brain, a stroke might result. A stroke might occur in utero, perinatal, or neonatal. There are a number of incidents that can cause the supply of blood flow to the brain to be blocked. For instance, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, blood clots, and hemorrhaging can each cause blood supply to the brain to be decreased. When this occurs, a stroke is possible. A stroke – whether in utero, perinatal, or neonatal – could lead to more serious complications such as cerebral palsy

Fetal strokes could potentially result in the following signs and symptoms:

  • Developmental delays
  • Seizures
  • Problems feeding
  • Difficulty breathing

Medical staff can determine and diagnose a fetal stroke by administering tests such as blood tests, MRIs, MRAs, CT scans, or CTA scans. Quick response to an infant’s stroke is crucial in the recovery time. Insuring the brain receives adequate oxygen and the baby maintains sufficient circulation is critical.

If the medical staff fails to recognize a stroke took place, the baby might experience another and suffer more damage as a result. Hypothermia treatment has shown helpful for infants who have suffered a stroke. Diagnosing the underlying cause is important in determining the treatment necessary for rehabilitation. For instance, if the child is suffering seizures, anti-seizure medications would assist, whereas a child who suffers from clotting would need a different method of treatment.

At Johnnie Bond Law, our knowledgeable legal staff will work with our medical analysts to review the medical records, actions taken by the hospital staff, and all other circumstances in order to determine if the hospital staff’s actions were appropriate or lacking. Once a determination is made, we will begin to interview those with information regarding your case. After the preliminary investigation, we will follow through with a strategy designed specifically for your case.

We understand that the past medical bills are overwhelming. We know the past medical bills are not the only things on your mind. We know you’re thinking about the future bills. There will likely be more medical treatment, prolonged or lifelong, that you will have to raise funds to pay. We want to help you, and your family, fight for the compensation you will need to provide for your child long term.

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