Johnnie Daniel Bond, Jr.

Experienced, sophisticated, cool under pressure–but passionate when it comes to fighting for the future of his clients. Unwavering devotion to service. That’s Bond. Johnnie Bond.


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Johnnie Bond

I’m Johnnie Bond. And while I love taking big companies to court and balancing the scales of justice and helping those who have been hurt, I know at the end of the day, what really matters is not me but my clients.

I work hard to ensure I understand your injuries—what caused them and what can be done to make your recovery as complete as possible. If you’re not seeing improvement with one type of treatment, I will investigate to find out whether other options are more promising.

Where other attorneys might give up and try to settle your case so they can get on with the next one, I want to make certain your medical treatment is as comprehensive as possible. Then we’ll move on to the legal process of holding the negligent parties accountable for what they’ve done to your life.

I didn’t start my career this way. I began by working in corporate law for hospitals, handling mergers and acquisitions. I made good money. I impressed some co-workers by proving that I was good at handling litigation and transactional law. They nicknamed me “Agent Bond” after I closed two big cases at once. But that success still left me empty inside. I wanted something more.

I moved to Washington DC to hone my skills as a trial lawyer, and I learned from working with some of the best in the business. While I admired the way they could manage a case in the courtroom, I wanted to do more for the clients themselves.

Now I am in a position to do things my way.

What motivates me is my passion to help. I want to help you get the resources you need and the medical attention you need. After you complete your treatment, I tell your story in a way to get you maximum compensation and the justice you deserve.

Before you hire me or any other attorney, you should know some of their basic qualifications, so here goes:


  • J.D., University of Tennessee College of Law, 2002
  • B.S. in Mathematics, Tennessee State University, 1998

 Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice Law:

  • District of Columbia, 2004
  • State of Tennessee, 2003
  • US District Court for District of Columbia
  • US District Court for District of Maryland
  • US District Court for District of Tennessee
  • Pro Hac Vice Admission for Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Pro Hac Vice Admission for State of Maryland 

Selected Work Experience and Collaboration:

  • HCA Healthcare
  • Armstrong & Allen, PLLC
  • Temple Law Office
  • The Cochran Firm
  • Beam Legal Team

Thanks for reading. If you ever have questions about my experience or what I can do in your case, just reach out. 

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