Brain Injuries

Representing Families whose Children suffered Brain Injuries at Birth 

Attorney Johnnie Bond handles cases that deal with brain injuries associated with the negligent acts or oversight of medical professionals during the birth of a child. Brain injuries at birth can be the result of trauma the baby experienced during the delivery process. This trauma can include lack of oxygen or lack of blood flow to the brain resulting in dysfunction of the brain or by reduced glucose levels in the baby’s bloodstream. If left undetected due to poor oversight, these traumatic incidents could lead to other injuries. If your child has suffered as a result of these injuries caused by negligence or incompetence of medical staff, you need to speak with an attorney about your options.

Injuries Associated with Birth Trauma 

Brain injuries or disorders that could be the result of traumatic incidents during the birth and delivery process include:

Brain injuries suffered by a child during the birthing process are among the most devastating birth injuries a child and family could experience. The impact on the child and family will change a family’s life forever. Our team is determined to discover the root cause of the injury and whether it should have been prevented with more careful review by the medical staff. Our overall goal is to obtain the necessary compensation owed to victims of preventable tragedies.

Signs and Symptoms of Brain Injuries Associated with Birth Trauma

Although infants cannot speak for themselves, oftentimes they display symptoms that will allow a parent to question whether brain damage possibly occurred during the birthing process. These symptoms, although not exclusive, might shed some light on the condition:

  • Seizures
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Abnormal swelling or bleeding as seen on a CT scan, MRI, or ultrasound
  • Extended admission in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
  • Unusual bruising

Other symptoms might appear as the child begins developing. These symptoms may be seen as delayed development. For instance, a child with a brain injury might have trouble crawling, walking, and developing proper motor skills. If you suspect that your child has suffered brain injury as a result of the delivery process, please speak with one of our team members today to discuss your concerns.

Please contact our knowledgeable and experienced legal team. You can focus on your family’s needs and care for their well-being while we tackle the legal concerns. Attorney Johnnie Bond is experienced, aggressive in the courtroom, yet compassionate towards his clients. Representing you and your family and obtaining the results you deserve are his priority. He would be honored to join you and your family in this battle for your rights. Our team works with medical analysts to determine what should have been done to prevent this tragic incident. Then our legal team works together to accomplish a positive outcome for you and your family.

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