What to Do if You are in an Auto Accident in the DMV

November 28, 2022

Your health matters. So the first thing to do after you are in an auto accident is to make sure you and others involved get medical care. Call 911 or have someone else do so. The rush of adrenaline can be masking symptoms of serious injuries, so don’t assume you’re fine even if you feel…

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Stay Safe When Walking in the DMV

November 22, 2022

The very smallest car on the road weighs ten times more than the average person. Even a tiny subcompact car weighs over 2,000 pounds, and the average SUV tips the scales at about 5,000 pounds. These vehicles travel at a much higher rate of speed than a person walking, and they are made of rigid…

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How to Reduce Stress After a Car Accident

September 21, 2022

You can’t avoid it entirely–a car accident will stress you out. You have a million things to worry about. (Just repeating them here is going to add to your stress so we won’t do it.) The important thing to know is that when you work with the right personal injury lawyer, your legal team can…

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What You Need to Know About Automobile Accident Claims Through Insurance

August 24, 2022

If your accident is the fault of another driver, you will need to deal with your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company. It is certainly possible that an insurance company could offer a fair settlement for your claim. However, insurance is a business, so initial settlement offers usually provide far less than a…

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Involved in an Automobile Accident in DC? What You Should Know

August 5, 2022

The time right after a car accident is chaotic, with significant emotional distress and severe physical injuries. If you or a loved one has been in a car accident, you will want an experienced attorney fighting for you. An experienced legal advocate can handle questions from insurance companies and stand between you and creditors as…

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