Birth Injury

Medical professionals are trusted to perform delicate, intricate, and often life-saving procedures on our behalf. When performed properly and with the precision necessary for successful outcomes, we are all too happy to provide the well-deserved compensation. Years after a well-performed procedure, we offer praise for the good doctors who stood by our family members through the trials faced during medical uncertainties. But when a medical professional abuses his obligations and performs poorly, negligently or otherwise, something must be done for the harm caused by the lax care received. At Johnnie Bond Law, we are devoted to walking with you and your family through some of the toughest times of your life. It is a job we are committed to so that you and your child might find the just result after enduring the hardships of a doctor’s misconduct.
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If you believe that your child suffered a birth injury, please contact our knowledgeable, kindhearted legal team. We will help you cope with the legal battle while you focus on your family’s needs and care for their well-being. Having a lawyer on your side is good; having the right lawyer in your corner is best. Attorney Johnnie Bond is experienced, aggressive in the courtroom, yet compassionate towards his clients. He would be honored to join you and your family in this battle for your rights. The first step is to contact us. From there, we can schedule a meeting, we can talk over the issues you have, we can provide insight, but perhaps most importantly, we can listen.

Our Dedicated Team

We team with a nationally recognized law firm that has won hundreds of millions of dollars for families that have suffered birth injuries. Our resources pooled together with this renowned firm, results in a collaborative team of attorneys, medical consultants, and various other experts all fighting together for you when your energy is low. We fervently fight against hospitals and insurance companies so that you and your child have a voice to be reckoned with against this large industry.

Washington, DC, Birth Injury Attorney

If you believe that your child’s condition or illness was the result of a doctor’s poor care, please contact our knowledgeable, compassionate legal team. You can trust us to place your family’s need for justice at the top of our priorities.

Johnnie Bond Law can help you and your family during this most difficult time. Allowing you to focus your time and energy on caring and providing for your family is a central tenet in our approach. With offices conveniently located in Washington, DC, the team members of Johnnie Bond Law are available to you. We believe we can provide a valuable resource for your case.

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